Lori Waxman

September 1, 2009

Chicago based art critic, Lori Waxman came to town.  She was reviewing local artists at Arthouse.
I decided that I should get my work in front of her to see what someone who’s not my friend thinks (but secretly I was checking out her process as a critic and the relationship of criticism to other artists).

I managed to snag an appointment. And I got a review.


Shades of Green

August 19, 2009

First we walked around the neighborhood (we were gonna do a cleanup, but there was nothing to clean!), then we talked about what we knew about public art and communities.
Then after taking some plastic bags, wire hangers, broomsticks and teens…




You can make your own parasol at home! Just take a couple of wire hangers (2 or 3), plastic bags and broomsticks (or other sturdy stick like bamboo) and design an umbrella for someone to hide from the hawt Texas sun!

It’s Hawt In Texas

June 2, 2009

In a couple of weeks I will be spending my Saturdays working with teens. Yes, the summer session of Young Artists @ Arthouse will begin soon. But also in an unscheduled turn of the calendar, I will spend my Saturday mornings at the CRL for a workshop I proposed.

Shades of Green will run adjacent to the Now and Tomorrow 6 exhibition.

Download application.

“This program has helped me be more confident about my work”
— Young Artists @ Arthouse participant

It was this statement expressed in our end of the semester wrap-up and written evaluations that damn near made me cry. I was finally convinced that what I do, the way I do it, is working.

In November I took a trip across the border and had myself an (international) show.
Hasta La Basura Se Separa [artcrush]
Of fifteen artists to have work transported across the border, mine was the only to be rejected. It seems trash is basura and you can’t dump US trash in Mexico. Upon arriving to the gallery, the absence of my work was noticed. Fortunately, we were able to find a tire shop close by that was willing to donate some (like a dozen) and I spent two days chopping and then building.
I was ready… with a couple of hours to spare.

DSC05337.JPG DSC05336.JPG


The Co-Lab show

March 4, 2009

I haven’t had time to post these until now, but here are some of the drawings I included in the Keep It Clean/ Whitewash show at Co-Lab.
This is a shot of the whole set. Most people didn’t even realize they were there (as was intended)!


Here are close ups of three of them.
Zechariah.jpg Cumaea.jpg Isaiah.jpg

There were also other drawings and my first video:

image courtesy Co-Lab

American Me

October 8, 2008

In another world, another time…
there was James Castle.

Keep It Clean/ Whitewash

September 25, 2008

Another show.
I tell you, my friends are trying to kill me with all the shows they’ve been sucking me into.

What I Did This Summer

September 25, 2008

This summer I celebrated my first year working with Arthouse’s teen art program.
I am the portfolio advisor for Young Artists @ Arthouse. I thoroughly enjoy working with these groups of high school artists. We meet Saturdays to critique their work and go visit different art spaces and local artists.

Among visits to museums and galleries, we had a studio visit with Rivkah:

had a photo session with William Hundley:
Photo by William Hundley

and visited one of the last “wet” photo labs in the country at St. Edward’s University:

I found images of my work at the Empty Box event. [via]
Don’t they look nice?
I’m not sure what the people are doing with the box, but I imagine they are bidding on my work.